My Travel Mate

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been travelling alone up the east coast or Melbourne until now! This is Christine! She’s from Groningen in the Netherlands, and she’s my favorite little piglet (you will get the reference soon, relax). We met in the well-known WakeUp hostel for fresh backpackers in Sydney. On a beautiful Sunday morning we went to, and got lost in, the Blue Mountains with our mutual Dutch friend Janneke. Unfortunately, Janneke had only a tourist visa and therefore quickly moved on from Sydney to Cairns. But Christine and I stuck together, and booked our Sydney accommodation and surf camp together. And eventually also our whole five weeks east coast trip when we had enough of Sydney!


When you’re backpacking, friendships, and relations with other people in general, happen really fast. You randomly start talking to someone, and suddenly you’re spending whole days together with them. Travel mates become family, because you do all the necessities such as sleep, eat and laundry together, in addition to the crazy and exciting activities you have planned for the day. In that way, you get to know each other immediately, and you quickly figure out whether you click with them or not.

Luckily, Christine and I didn’t get on each other’s nerves too soon. We started several intense rounds of price negotiations on adventure packages with different travel companies. A couple hours and a small fortune later, we had five weeks packed with extreme sports and tours planned out! The fact that we’re almost just as crazy, and have the same passions for hand stands, bus rides and sushi made the planning a whole lot easier and fun. Which is a very good thing when you spend 23,5 hours together every day. So I just want to say: Thank you Christine, for bearing over with my slow packing, terrible sense of navigation and cheesy puns. I know you enjoyed it. Sometimes.

Giraffe and Piglet on new adventures

This is some of the adventures we have done together. I’ll write a more detailed description of our whole trip later on the blog! (when the internet is better, that stuff is hopeless down here!)



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